The Athens YMCA was recently honored with an award from the University of Georgia chapter of the Coca Cola Helping Hands organization for our Youth and Athletic Programs. We are very grateful to have been chosen as a recipient. Pictured are our CEO Shae Wilson-Gregg (middle) with Vince Dooley (left) and Fred Butler (right).

OnlineAthens: Henderson football clinic leads to 'best day ever' for one camper

by Nicole Saavedra
May 6, 2017

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OnlineAthens: Athens YMCA still a powerful force after 160 years

by Joe Reisigl
March 5, 2017

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YMCA Named in Forbes' Top 100 Non-Profits

YMCA #5 Non-Profit in the country.

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Making the Y-USA Page

January 18, 2016

Athens YMCA Welcomes Two New Board Members

January 10th, 2016

Join us in welcoming Terry Wingfield, Jr. and Mike Malcom onto the Athens YMCA Board. Both have a long-standing history with the Athens YMCA. Read more about these two in the Online Athens article below.

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Bobby Forbes Birthday

by John Simpson

In the 12 years that I attended Athens "Y" Camp as a camper on through the leadership program, one of my favorite people was Bobby Forbes. He is the nephew of camp founder W.T. Forbes. Bobby attended camp from 1933 through 1950 with the exception of 2 years in which he served our country during the War, and in 1946 when he ran Pine Tops Camp, another resident camp operated by the Athens YMCA. 

Athens YMCA Men's Bible Study

by John Simpson, former YMCA Director

I was in my office one morning in the winter of 1991 when Jimbo Thornton and Ed Dudley walked in. They told me that they wanted to start a men’s Bible study class. I laughed for ten minutes. It was like Fats Domino wanting to lead a class in weight control. Jimbo was two years older than I and had left many stories of misbehavior at the “Y” and Athens High School. Ed Dudley was several years younger than I but left behind a legacy of the problems that he had created. Both said that they went off to school in high school but I always told them that they were “SENT” off to school. I soon realized that they were serious and that a miraculous conversion had taken place. We had the Bible study for the kids but nothing but an attempt to have a Christian atmosphere for adults. We set the date, promoted, and were off and running. The ones most active in the beginning were Ed, Jimbo, Charlie Burch, Upshaw Bentley, Jake Hutchins, Ken Malcom, Stan Satterfield and I. Stan Henderson and Bubba Scruggs were not far behind. 

Remember When....Stories of the Gorge, Part 1

By John Simpson

Tallulah Gorge was created in 1913. At one time the Tallulah River ran through all of that area of northeast Georgia which included Lake Rabun, Burton, Seed, Tallulah Gorge, and the Terrora River. The idea was conceived in the late 1800’s to create a series of lakes for hydro-electricity. It was certainly an engineering marvel because the dams created four lakes (Rabun, Burton, Seed, and Tallulah) and also created Tallulah Gorge. I believe the dam at the end of Tallulah Lake was completed in 1913. Environmentalists have been upset for years, however I believe that everything will remain the same. The engineering feat of people at that time without all of the electronic equipment that we have today is beyond my comprehension. As you drive into the Y Camp road on the left you can see one of the power plants with two huge pipes that run into the side of a mountain. These pipes were drilled into the mountain and come out at the dam at Lake Rabun. How they did this with only a transient, mules, wagons, picks, and dynamite, I will never know. I don’t believe that there is much more than a bucket of dirt in Rabun County and the rest of it is rock. If you don’t believe me, try to dig a hole.