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This course provides the knowledge & skills needed to become a lifeguard.

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Minimum age 16 by the last day of the scheduled course.
Physical Competency Requirements (conducted in class on the first day):

The following phases must be completed in succession.

Phase 1:

  • tread water for 2 minutes (legs only)
  • Swim 100 yards of front crawl

Phase 2:

  • Swim 50 yards of each: Front crawl with head up, Sidestroke, Breaststroke, Breaststroke with head up, Elementary backstroke kick with hands on chest
  • Perform a feet first surface dive in 8 feet of water and swim underwater for 15 feet

Phase 3:

  • Sprint for a distance of approx. 60 feet, and then perform an arm-over-arm surface dive in 8 feet of water
  • Pick up an object from the bottom of the pool, surface, tread water for at least 1 minute with legs only, and replace the object back to the bottom of the pool where it was found
  • Swim the remaining length to end of pool, and hoist yourself out of the water
  • Immediately begin compressions on an adult manikin for 1 minute or 100 compressions; stand and listen for directions from instructor
  • Quickly walk over to an elevated lifeguard stand, climb onto the lifeguard stand, sit down, look near your feet for a colored shape, and find the matching colored shape while scanning the pool area
  • Scan and identify an object located somewhere in the pool area
  • Stand up and blow a whistle loud and clearly shout "the Y is great" and then exit lifeguard stand
Requirements for Certification:
  • 100% participation and 100% attendance to all days
  • Must score 80% or higher on each section of the YMCA Lifeguard tests
  • Must score 80% or higher on the CPR Pro, Basic First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen written tests
  • Successfully perform all practical skills
  • Successfully demonstrate the ability to prevent, recognize, activate emergency action plan, rescue, provide emergency care, and complete reports
  • Successfully demonstrate strength and maturity to be a Lifeguard to prevent accidents and also respond to emergencies through classroom and pool scenarios

Cost: $200 ($50 non-refundable), no cost if you agree to work here. 


Class: March

March 14 (Mon) from 5PM – 9PM

March 16 (Wed) from 5PM – 9PM

March 18 (Fri) from 5PM – 9PM

March 19 (Sat) from 8AM – 5PM

March 20 (Sun) from 10AM – 5PM


Class: March/April

March 28 (Mon) from 5PM – 9PM

March 30 (Wed) from 5PM – 9PM

April 1 (Fri) from 5PM – 9PM

April 2 (Sat) from 8AM – 5PM

April 3 (Sun) from 10AM – 5PM


Class: April 25 - 30

April 25 (Mon) from 5PM - 9PM

April 26 (Tue) from 5PM - 9PM

April 27 (Wed) from 5PM - 9PM

April 28 (Thu) from 5PM - 9PM

April 29 (Fri) from 5PM - 9PM

April 30 (Sat) from 9AM - 5PM


Class: May 2 - 7

May 2 (Mon) from 5PM - 9PM

May 3 (Tue) from 5PM - 9PM

May 4 (Wed) from 5PM - 9PM

May 5 (Thu) from 5PM - 9PM

May 6 (Fri) from 5PM - 9PM

May 7 (Sat) from 9AM - 5PM



Class: May 9 - 14

May 9 (Mon) from 5PM - 9PM

May 10 (Tue) from 5PM - 9PM

May 11 (Wed) from 5PM - 9PM

May 512(Thu) from 5PM - 9PM

May 13 (Fri) from 5PM - 9PM

May 14 (Sat) from 9AM - 5PM



Class: May 16 - 21

May 16 (Mon) from 5PM - 9PM

May 17 (Tue) from 5PM - 9PM

May 18 (Wed) from 5PM - 9PM

May 19 (Thu) from 5PM - 9PM

May 20 (Fri) from 5PM - 9PM

May 21 (Sat) from 9AM - 5PM

*all days are required for certification



**Must have current lifeguard, CPR Pro/AED, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen cards**

*Must hold current YMCA Lifeguard Certification for this course*

No Classes Scheduled at this time.

Cost: $100 ($50 non-refundable) *Save $50.00 if you kept your books*


Red Cross to YMCA Crossover Course and Recertification

*Must hold current Red Cross Lifeguard Certification for this course*

Cost: $100 ($50 non-refundable)