Corporate Partnerships

The Athens YMCA encourages a healthy lifestyle and builds relationships in the community. You can be a part of this with a corporate membership and other partnership opportunities! A corporate membership not only encourages your employees in personal growth by being active and connecting with people in the community, it also builds morale and a positive environment in your workplace.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

1. Join the Y

  • Prefer a minimum of 10 employees interested
  • No joiner fees
  • 10% discount on each membership type
  • Paid monthly by company

2. Group Wellness Classes

  • $40 per class
  • Our instructors go to your facility to teach these classes

3. CPR, First Aid, AED, Oxygen certifications

  • $50 per person 
  • Our instructors go to your facility to certify your employees

4. Health Fairs

  • No cost associated
  • Y staff will attend if schedule allows

5. Lunch N Learn Series

  • $100 per class
  • Does not include food
  • Can cover topics on nutrition, diet, goal setting, disease prevention, etc.
  • Can host these at the Athens YMCA or at your facility
Statistics Show that Corporate Memberships Help in 5 Areas:
  1. Containment of Health Care Costs—Healthy lifestyles can prevent chronic illnesses!
  2. Increased Workplace Productivity—Regular Exercise can have a positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of an employee!
  3. Increased Workplace Morale—Healthy employees tend to be more positive and organized!
  4. Decreased Employee Turnover—Employees who feel valued want to stay in your business. Showing an interest in their health will generate less turnover and lower costs on training and hiring.
  5. Decreased Absenteeism—Contributing to a healthier lifestyle will keep employees healthy!

Contact Jacqueline Shirley ( for more information on corporate partnerships.