915 Hawthorne Avenue
Athens, GA 30606

Real Estate Gifts


A charitable gift of real estate could provide benefits to you, and at the same time help the Athens Y to continue our service in the community for years to come. 

Here are two popular options when considering giving real estate to the Athens YMCA:

Outright Gift

You can make an outright gift of real estate to the Athens YMCA and see the full fair market value put to work helping people in the Y's programs. You receive a generous charitable deduction, and you avoid the capital gains tax you would owe if you were to sell the property.

Retained Life Estate

You can deed your home or property to the Athens YMCA and continue to live there for the remainder of your lifetime with a retained life estate agreement. You receive a large charitable deduction that you can carry forward for up to five additional years, you remove the property from your estate, and you make a significant charitable gift with no change in your lifestyle. Upon your passing, the Y will sell the property and use the funds toward our most pressing needs, or the designation of your choosing.


  • Donors who chose an outright gift recieve substantial tax benefits by avoiding the capital gains tax
  • Donors who chose the retained life estate agreement are able to live in their home for the remainder of their lifetime and make a generous contribution upon their passing