This event has been postponed. Date TBA. 

Join us for our 5th annual Maximus Y Strongman Challenge in memory of Dango Nguyen

Registration starts March 1st online or at the Y! Click here for the registration form.

Registration info:

  • By March 23rd: $60; t-shirt guaranteed
  • March 24th and after: $65; no t-shirt guaranteed
  • Teen division (ages 15 to 18) is $25
  • $65 same day registration; no t-shirt


  • Event 1: 
    • Women and teen girls: axle clean and press, 60 second max reps
    • Men and teen boys: log clean and press, 60 second max reps
  • Event 2:
    • Women and teens: car deadlift, 60 second max reps
    • Men: Deadlift medley (axle, barbell, 18" tire), first two deadlifts pull once, last pull is for the remainder of the 60 seconds
    • Masters: wagon wheel deadlift, 60 second max reps
  • Event 3: 
    • Duck walk / sand bag medley: 50 feet down and 50 feet back
  • Event 4:
    • Womem, teens and masters: truck push
    • Men: Dango fire truck pull (arm over arm)
    • Super masters: sled push
  • Event 5:
    • Women, teens and masters: sand bag over bar, 60 second max reps
    • Men: stone to platform, 60 second max reps

Weight Divisions:

  • Men's Light Weight: up to 180 lbs
  • Men's Middle Weight: 181 to 220 lbs
  • Men's Heavy Weight: 221 to 275 lbs
  • Men's Super Heavy Weight: 276+ lbs
  • Women's Light Weight: up to 135 lbs
  • Women's Middle Weight: 136 to 165
  • Women's Heavy Weight: 166+ lbs

*Men's category will be weighed in the morning of 

Age Divisions:

  • Teen Boys and Girls: ages 15 to 18 (15 year olds must have legal guardian present at the event)
  • Masters: ages 45 to 59
  • Super Masters: ages 60+

Both Masters and Super Masters for men and women are open classes. They are placed in classes by age, not weight. 

Events and weights are subject to change. 

For more information on specific weights per division, click here. 


Contact Orlando Maximus Green at (706) 614 - 9738 or Elyse Giles at